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How To Hire Reputable Movers In Brookline

Life is full of stress, but three types of it go beyond the rest: the wedding planning process, the birth of a new baby and the moving day. Yes, the moving process is considered by many to be one of the most stressful times in their lifetime. There’s dealing with furniture, the possibility of breaking your back, possible accidents during the transportation and much more. Well, you can decide to hire a Brookline mover, which eliminates most of these possible disasters, but hiring one creates a new fear which is the possibility of getting scammed. There are numerous ways to scam clients, and unscrupulous movers have used them all. So, how do you protect yourself? Well, this article will tackle just that.

Finding a reputable mover in Brookline

Get several quotes(preferably three)- Getting more than one quote will help you know how every mover in town charges for their services. It is important to have an idea so that you can make a comparison based on other Boston moving companies offering similar services. Comparing apples to apples is a must. Also, getting several quotes can help you find out whether a mover is honest or not. If the majority of the quotes range from $1000 to $3000, then a company that provides a $600 quote is likely to be a scam.

 Brookline Moving Company

Ask for their licensing information, phone number, website and emails. You can ideally check whether the company is registered or incorporated through the Department of Assessment and Taxation. If there is no trace of the mover, consider looking for services elsewhere.

Get the ideal service based on your request. Do you require packaging with your relocation? Do you just need a truck driver or do you want a DIY type of move? This is all up to you. Check the list of the services provided by the potential mover and then make a decision. Packing materials and services tend to be quite expensive so doing the task on your own can save you a lot. If you do the loading and unloading, you can ideally save a significant amount of money. Some companies offer ‘A la Carte’ service, and these are usually the best to work with. They tend to be flexible with your requests and often give you key information to help you relocate efficiently.
Are you looking for a full-service mover? This option will undoubtedly come at a high price, particularly if you are moving long distance. If you are not on a tight budget, then this is a great option since you won’t have to worry about things like packing, hiring a truck, your friends not showing up during the moving day to assist. A full service moving company will guide you from the start to the end and ensure that the process goes smoothly. Keep in mind that we’re talking about HONEST, full-service movers.
How is the company responding to your inquiries? Some unscrupulous moving companies tend to give less information. So, when issues arise during the moving day, they can say you never asked for that service. Well, it is always wise to ask a lot of questions regarding the move and their services and ensure that they write down all the answers on the estimate. Never settle for verbal communication as they can easily deny anything after that. Get everything in writing.

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