Eye Surgery For Cataracts And Astigmatism

Within AniCura available resources and knowledge to perform operations both inside the eye in surrounding tissues.

Cataract surgery

In the surgical treatment of cataracts or cataract diseased lens is removed and a new, artificial lens is inserted.

Cherry eye surgery

A prolapsed lacrimal gland, called cherry eye, surgically corrected by the prolapsed gland reponeras and fixed in its place inside the third eyelid.

Operation of misaligned or felväxande eyelash, distichiasis, trichiasis and ectopic cilia

Presence of eyelashes that grow toward the eye is treated by the hair follicle of the misaligned eyes hair removed or destroyed. If eye hair grows to the eye because the surrounding skin or eyelid is incorrect angle, this can be remedied by the skin tightened.

Operation of inward rolling (Entropion) or outwardly rolling (ectropion) eyelid

In entropion, it is common to eyelashes and sometimes fur rolling onto the cornea and cause ulcers. In ectropion, there is greater risk of eye infections, as dust and dirt collect in pockets formed, and the tears are not spread over the normal eye. Both entropion and ectropion can be solved with the help of plastic surgery.

Deep wounds in the cornea

Corneal ulcers are very deep may need to be covered with a so-called flap to not worsen. A corneal ulcer is so deep that it perforates the cornea is a serious condition and should be closed. When the operation is trying to also restore the volume of fluid inside the eye and remove any damaged parts of the iris, the iris.


In some cases, as with long time glaucoma or tumor transformation of the eye, the eye should be removed altogether by a so-called bulbextirpation. Often the eye caused great inconvenience and vision become impaired, and the animal is usually more alert and happier after the eye has been removed.


It appears that the eyeball is pushed out of the eye socket, often associated with trauma. In operation, the eye back in its proper place and fixed there. In the vast majority of patients with bulbprolaps often nerve taken irreversible damage, but there is a chance of saving the eye if the operation is performed as soon as possible.

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